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Arlyn Decicco Turns Tragedy Into Triumph

The first step in healing a frozen shoulder is to rest, truly rest. I was fortunate to be able to depend on my husband, kids, and friends to help with the most mundane tasks. My arm lay at my side for days and didn’t lift anything including itself. That means I didn’t brush my hair, open a door, or even dress or undress myself with that arm.

http://www.healthresource4u.com/exercises-for-the-bedridden.html The treatment was rest, ice, compression, and elevation; or RICE. He also prescribed a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. I was given and air cast and told to keep my ankle immobilized for three weeks. During those three weeks I also needed to do rehabilitation exercises twice a day. The immobilization along with the rehabilitation insured that I would strengthen the tendon while preventing any more injury to it.

Arlyn Decicco Turns Tragedy Into Triumph dans http://www.healthresource4u.com/exercises-for-the-bedridden.html image_000554

Cardiovascular or aerobic Exercises :This type of workout uses almost all the muscles of the body in continuous & rhythmic motions. The list includes walking, swimming, dancing, cycling, etc. They aim at making the heart, blood vessels, muscles and lungs work more effectively.

While many riders may have heard or used the expression « riding from back to front » or allowing the horse to move forward from the hind end, few understand how this relates to the horse’s musculature. If a rider does not encourage a horse to work forward from the hind legs or refuses to stretch the anterior and posterior muscles correctly, the horse’s movement and performance will be inhibited and its performance and ability to flex will be limited. This will result in lack of adjustability and possible injury.

Prevent stiff neck by improving your posture. Keep your chin in an appropriate level, stand with your back straight and feet flat on the floor. Picture a string running up through your body and being held taut to keep you upright.

Perform range-of-motion exercises with the ankle. Be sure to do this with an ice pack held against the sprained ankle. Such exercises include tracing the alphabet with your big toe. Another idea is to sit on a chair with your foot flat on the ground; move your knee back and forth while keeping the foot on the ground. Aim for 15 to 30 repetitions of this exercise for 3 to 5 times per day.

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